At Event Rental Systems, our number 1 goal is to help you become as successful as possible. We provide you with everything you need to be successful in business, including many tools that help improve your organic search results. If you'd like our free eBook that will provide you with specific SEO techniques that can be used with our system, please Click here.

In this field, SEO is extremely important. Even if your customer loves the service you provide, they are not likely to remember the name of your company as they only rent once or twice a year. That's why automated marketing tools such as the 11-month reminder email are so important. However, ranking high in search engines is also extremely important! Your customers are searching for their party rental company online, and they often start at the top and work their way down the list. To Say the least, having a website that ranks well is, well...extremely important!

We have many customers that rank at the top of their given market, and our system helps achieve that goal. However, in order to be successful, you must make your website look different from the others! OUR WEBSITES COME WITH DEFAULT TEXT THAT IS GREAT TO GIVE YOU AN IDEA TO GET STARTED, BUT NEEDS TO BE CHANGED! There was a time in the not-so-distant past that entering in as many keywords as possible within the text of your website would make you rank at the top of your market. Having links pointing to your website also played a huge role in online success. So, business owners bought links and stuffed their websites full of content that was not useful to their customers. THOSE DAYS HAVE PASSED!!!! Search engines have become smarter, and have actually started punishing companies that have continued to use spammy techniques in order to rank well. Now, in order to be successful, there are a few basics that you must remember. Content, content, and more content! Search engines want to provide consumers with the best possible experience possible. Give them what they want. Instead of trying to trick the search engines;

- Write content that is useful for your customers.
- Write content that is grammatically correct.
- Use links correctly.
- Use internal links to link to pages that your customers will
find useful.
- Use external links to link to other websites that are useful to
your customer.
- Solicit links from companies that are important for your
business. Ask for links from blogs written by local moms
that are writing directly to your target audience. Not only do
you get a link, but you also get some advertising. A double
bonus! Also, ask for links from local related businesses,
government entities, school districts, daycares, chamber of
commerce, etc.
- Do use social media correctly. Social media is extremely
important in today's market. The more relevant you are in
social media, the more relevant your website will be.
- Seek legitimate reviews on Google about your company and
the service you provide.

Things to avoid:

- Don't stuff your content full of keywords that your
customers will not find useful.
- Don't write content that has spelling errors throughout. It
looks unprofessional, and just like your customers that will
notice, so will the search engines.
- Don't pay for links.
- Don't get links from unrelated websites.
- Don't solicit links from companies that cannot somehow
directly help your customers.
- Don't buy "Likes" or followers on social media sites.
- Don't buy positive reviews or write phony reviews about your
company (or even your competitors)
- We want to help you be as successful as possible!

If you have any specific questions about SEO and would like some advice, please feel free to email: or call (505) 435-9731 option 2.

If you're looking for ongoing SEO/Marketing help, we offer SEO services (limit one customer per market), as well as Google and Facebook ad management services. You can click here to sign up for a demo to speak with our Marketing Services Specialist. Thanks, and welcome to Event Rental Systems!

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